Christmas Season's Melodies Hamper



With chocolate, snacks, candy and more, bring the sweet to the party and finish with a swirl of smooth wine!

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Chateau Haut-Domingue Bordeaux Red Wine 75cl 

$       85.00

Chateau Les Millaux Bordeaux Red Wine 75cl

$       75.00

Rasa Sayang Fruitti Jellies 150g

$         6.80

Hamlet Excelcium Pralines Assorted Chocolates 180g  

$         6.00

Tip Top Strawberry Candy 70g

$         5.00

Daiana Coffee Break Mocha Chocolate Rolls 108g

$         3.90

Green Peas Snack 75g

$         3.50

Fresh Mark Fizz Sweet & Spicy Snack 50g

$         3.00

Tong Garden Potato Snacks 40g

$         3.00

Combe Tomato Chilli Snack 80g

$         2.60

Unico Lava Bites 50g

$         1.50

Lotte Pepero Strawberry Cookies Sticks 37g

$         1.30

Elegant X'mas Packaging & Decorative

$       10.00

X'mas Greeting Card


First delivery: 25 November 2020

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Christmas Season's Melodies Hamper

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